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How to choose an EPC developer for your future solar power plant

In the present era, the role of Solar plants is becoming increasingly essential. Because of the alarming rise in the electricity costs and limited supply of coal, the challenges will keep on increasing, and also the frequency of blackouts and power shortages have also witnessed an uptick. And as we all know that solar energy is sustainable, eco-friendly, and at the same time, an excellent investment. Currently, the demand for solar power plants is growing in India, especially in Gujarat.

Many up-and-coming Solar EPC solution providers supply solar power plants in Gujarat. Therefore, the business holds a vast growth potential and can become very successful if done correctly.

There are now tons of solar EPC solutions providers offering installation services. So let us, first of all, understand what EPC stands for.

What is EPC?

EPC means Engineering, Procurement, and Construction / Commissioning. A solar EPC company is basically a company that provides a one-stop solution for everything that is related to solar energy.

Engineering Do assessment and evaluation of the site through a feasibility test and selecting the technology for a specific project

Procurement Gathering the resources required for the project, for example, clearances, commissioning, selecting the equipment, and working on the installation under the budget that the client sanctions.

Construction of the solar plant, support, project planning, operations management, and the preparation of a proposal in detail with an action plan and a budget.

What to expect from a Solar EPC company?

Some of the essential points to hope to get from a solar EPC solution provider are:

  • - Overview of the site
  • - Financing which is sun-oriented
  • - Administration after the deals
  • - Sun-oriented force plant establishment
  • - Assistance in profiting from sun-based sponsorship plans
  • - Endorsements from the government
  • - Sourcing and then the acquisition of the sunlight-based gear

What parameters to look at when choosing the right solar EPC solution provider?


A solar EPC company should have knowledge of the equipment as well as the components. The client must ensure they are well aware of the equipment sources. They should adequately check the warranty and the deliverables.

The team and the allocated project management must have some significant experience handling projects of these kinds and a thorough and deep understanding of the technical details of these products.

Full-service solution

The solar EPC solution provider you choose must provide holistic solutions for implementing the solar power plant. They should be able to manage the entire project from start to finish, including analysis of the site, design, project management, procurement, installation, and commissioning.

Approvals and licensing

Your solar EPC Company should be able to save you from the paperwork and get the approvals and licenses required for the project.

Operation and Maintenance

Make sure that the solar EPC solution provider helps you with the maintenance and operation of the solar power plant once the installation is complete. In addition, it is essential to get post-implementation support.

What are the other things to keep in mind when choosing a Solar EPC company?

  • - Do not just get swayed by the low selling prices. This is a long-term investment, so assess all the benefits and choose wisely.
  • - Low prices don’t necessarily mean quality and efficiency; always keep this in mind.
  • - Check the certifications, accreditations, and reviews.
  • - Read the client case studies and the testimonials given by the clients.
  • - Get a thorough understanding of the technical capabilities and then check if they have sufficient experience with engineering, design, and troubleshooting.
  • - Check whether they keep extra significant items in their additional stock for critical situations.


Choosing the right solar EPC solution provider is extremely important as it is not just a long-term investment but also a considerable investment that involves a lot of money. Therefore, go through the above-given parameters and criteria when choosing a solar EPC company in Surat or Gujarat.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1 What is EPC in solar industry?

A. A photovoltaic company that provides end-to-end services such as consultative sales, system design, equipment procurement, project management, solar panel installation, and reliable support should maintenance or warranty claims are required is known as an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) solar company.

Q.2 How can solar plant performance be improved?

A. In order to improve the plant performance the operators should focus on 5 Basic parameters right at the plant design stage to achieve optimized plant performance. These option includes reduced DC cable layout losses, shadow losses, inverter losses, AC wiring losses and module miss-match losses.

Q.3 Are solar panels sustainable?

A. Solar energy is a sustainable energy and is inherently more sustainable than fossil fuel energy sources.