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KP Group Ropes in Munaf Patel as a Brand Ambassador

By All Media  |  Surat

The CEO Magazine - Shri Faruk G. Patel

KPIGIL's stocks watched after by major investors.

News Coverage of KPI Listing on NSE

By Dhabkar  |  Surat

NEWS Coverage of KPIGIL moving to main board of BSE & NSE

Migration approval of BSE SME to Main Board of BSE

News Coverage of KPIGIL bagging 12.5MW Anupan Rasayan Project

KPI Global initiating CPP projects by using Solarism plant

Initiation of ambitious 50MW Solar Plant by KP Group Solarism

District's First Solar Plant will Establish at Sudi Village near Amod

By Western Times  | 

PM Narendra Modi Solar Mission Started from Bharuch Sudi

By Sandesh  | 

Vibrant Summit (2013) - MOU Signed by KPI Global